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What is agile planning?

What is agile planning?
Lack of planning means failure. This quote by the problem solving expert Alan Lakein perfectly describes the importance of project management planning. As much as we hate fixed dates and fixed scopes in the Agile world, to several companies it is normal life, and the significance of planning can not simply be ignored.

Especially if we step beyond the domain of fixed-date, fixed-scope proposals and immerse ourselves in the field of product growth, preparation is always essential. Most clients may not dedicate finances to an open-ended requirements and will involve a date of delivery along with quotation.

Guessing such a fact, one natural question that comes to mind is "How are we planning to generate an agile project management plan? ”. This is a tricky issue and most of the components on the subject only cover the practice of software development. It gives the illusion that Agile is suited for the tech business, but nothing could be further than the reality.

Agile project management VS Traditional management of projects

Business leaders at the time spent vast amounts of time laying out detailed project plan for years to come.

This way of planning functioned perfectly for a long time. However, as the business landscape grew more dynamic in the last decades of the 20th century, business requirements started to change more frequently and a new , more flexible way of planning became needed.

With the rise of knowledge work this need became obvious and somewhat critical. While people were working primarily in factories only 50 years ago, these days the work is being done in offices where people are using their heads more than their hands. Where Agile preparation is most important, it is precisely information practice.

The biggest distinction between Agile preparation and the conventional approach (also known as the Waterfall) is that the first one is iterative and flexible to adjustments, while the second one is a strong development phase step by step.

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